About Company


Singa Teguh (M) Sdn Bhd, a newly incorporated company is an ICT company focusing on Supplies and Services of ICT Hardware and Software. We specialize in CCTV Monitoring, Burglar Alarm, Auto gate, Total Home Security Solution, Fingerprint Multi Shift Time Attendance, and Long-Range Parking Access with CCTV, Centralized Building Entrance Security and Mid-Range Parking Access.

SINGA TEGUH does not only supply equipment, we supply solutions. Our products can be combined and integrated together to give you practical solution that effectively resolves security problems that you are facing.

Our solutions are carefully designed to give you optimum quality that is sufficient and yet affordable to fit into your limited budget. All integrated hardware and software are tested to be fully compatible so that you can purchase our solution with peace of mind.


In a climate of rapid change, it is often easy to lose sight of organizational goals and become entangled in the overwhelming issues involved with the implementation of new technologies.

Integration of computer systems, database management tools, and network configurations, along with a host of other issues, require significant investments of time and expertise, which are typically unavailable during an initial implementation.

With our experience, we bring knowledge and expertise required to solve the complex issues surrounding systems integration. With a solution-oriented approach, we work to provide clients with results, not simply technologies. From initial system design, we focus on long term systems, network and database requirements, identify solutions which provide scalability and work to
implement technologies within the frame work of the existing environments.


This new millennium is a very exciting time for security and automation market in Malaysia as well as world-wide. There are more new products coming out as the technology evolved over the century. As our life standard improves, people are more conscious and educated about the importance of safety – in corporate and home. This has dramatically increased the demands of security and automation products. SINGA TEGUH sees this as a new opportunity to grow to the next level.

Bringing security and automation within the reach of average Malaysians

We pledge to bring the Security into the homes and commercial of as many Malaysians as possible. We intend to make the process of getting premises protected to be so simple that Malaysians from all walks of life would approach it without any inhibitions and would not lag in keeping up with this evolving technology. Our aim is to provide the most effective, easy to use and cost-efficient solution.

To become the country’s leading solution provider

Singa Teguh does not merely aim to specialize in providing quality solution to the nation but also offer a vast range of extra services related to the security. This would include appointing of business partners throughout the country to provide various services such as applications development, service distribution and safety seminar to the community.

Expanding to the next level

We are committed to grow new businesses for Singa Teguh by expanding to the oversea market. By continuing to expand, Singa Teguh is challenging the very definition of what a security and automation market are…and what they can be.


Our mission is to use our extensive IT experience to enable our customers in the industry and government to profit from the use of advanced IT technology. We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics and business conducts and to build long term customer relationships based on mutual trust and respect.